Designer. Strategist. Problem Solver. Systems Thinker. Empathic. Collaborator.

Collaboration and Process

Improving how PM, UX, and Engineering at InsideView work together so that everyone is happy


After working on a few design projects...

I wanted to improve the requirements, design, and Agile development process across the distributed team. Changing requirements, last-minute wireframing, and frantic code changes created frantic sprints for everyone involved.


Understand where we are and what's possible

I immersed myself into learning about Agile and Scrum processes. I researched how other companies were incorporating UX into the Agile process. I talked to product managers, designers, and engineers to better understand their current pain points.


Transform insights

I synthesized learnings and insights into tangible ways to collaborate more effectively. I documented my recommendations and presented them to the VP of Product, VP of Engineering, and UX Director.

One recommendation was to incorporate a Project Initiation Questionnaire at the beginning of every project. These questions provide a high-level overview of project objectives and create cross-functional alignment.

Adopt process improvements

After getting buy-in from all of the cross-functional team leads, it was important to socialize the process changes with everyone. I presented the process map to the San Francisco team and Hyderabad teams. I explained how this addressed current pain points and how this would improve our ability to ship products quickly. Everyone was excited to begin.


Evolving process improvements

As the company's focus evolved, the team grew and so did the number of tools. I saw the need to align our process with tool usage.